The Rontgen rays

Day after day brings new evidence of the utility of the Rontgen X-rays in surgery. This week, the Rev. D. Laseron, of Lithgow, paid a visit to St. Stanislaut College, Bathurst, to undergo an operation for the extraction of a bullet, when the X rays will be used to discover it. It will be remembered that some three years ago the Rev. Laseron was accidently shot by Mr. T. Walker, ex-M.P., whilst travelling in a railway carriage. Many attempts to find the bullet have hitherto failed. At Albury on Tuesday Dr. Cleaver Woods, in the presence of a large company, gave an interesting demonstration of the Rontgen X-rays, and with a fluorescent screen plainly showed metal substances through ordinary opaque substances. One of the party had had a portion of a fishhook embedded in his hand for 20 years, and the exact locality of the substance was disclosed.

Queanbeyan Age, 5th September 1896