Megavoltage treatment introduction in Australia

Australia was one of the first nations to utilise MV radiation therapy equipment, with three among the first dozen clinical linear accelerators being installed in Australia in 1956 and 1957 (Thwaites and Tuohy, 2006). The number of MV teletherapy systems in Australia now exceeds 200. The expansion of services over the years is estimated in the figure below, using data aggregated from multiple sources.

I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the presented data, but would estimate that the discrete data points (indicated by markers in the figure) are accurate within ±2 systems. The pre-1970 numbers were tallied using data presented in the 1975 issue of The Radiographer and from Queensland Radium Institute log books; assuming no machines were decommissioned prior to 1970, and that no equipment was omitted from the detailed histories presented by the authors of those articles. The numbers presented for the years 1986-2009 were extracted from figure 25 of Wigg and Morgan’s 2001 workforce report and Lyn Oliver’s 2009 CSM presentation titled “The history of medical physics in Australian radiotherapy” (using WebPlotDigitizer, in both cases). The most recent numbers were taken from the Tripartite National Strategic Plan for Radiation Oncology (2012) and the Review of the Radiation Oncology Health Program Grants Scheme (2016).

The Tripartite National Strategic Plan projected the number of systems required to meet a target utilisation rate of 52.3% (for radiation oncology in the treatment of patients with cancer) as 208 in 2017 and 267 in 2022.


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