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  • Miss Helen Farran

    Miss Helen Elizabeth Anne Farran (B.Sc) succeeded Miss Dorothy Wellington (described here), the first clinical physicist in Australia, at the Melbourne Hospital. In 1947 Miss Farran was one of the trainers for a one year Radiotherapy course conducted at the Melbourne Technical College. Other trainers included Dr. Kaye Scott and Dr. Cecil Eddy. In “The Radiant […]

  • Miss Dorothy Wellington

    In 1977, Dr. Rutherford Kaye Scott presented the first Sir Peter MacCallum Lecture at the opening of the new wing of the Peter MacCallum Hospital in Melbourne, which was published with the title “The Radiant Years” in Australasian Radiology (vol. 20, no. 1, pp. 6-31). In it he discussed the early use of radiation therapy […]

  • Rotating phantom in TSET delivery

    Embedded footage from experiment in Masters research project of Anthony Orth, which examined dose uniformity of various total skin electron therapy treatment techniques. Here, a RANDO phantom has been placed on a custom-made rotating platform, controlled by an Arduino system. The radiation beam is started at the 24 second mark, evidenced by scattered radiation incident […]

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I’m Scott Crowe, a radiation oncology medical physicist

I’m employed at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital in Brisbane, Australia; with appointments at the Herston Biofabrication Institute, University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology. My research interests include applications of 3D printing in radiation oncology, the quantitative assessment of radiotherapy treatment quality and complexity, and radiation dosimetry.